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Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Sunflower Riot, 6x12 oil on Bristol Board

Taking my cue from Mary Sheehan Winn's Blog (see link to the right) where she talks about travelling far and wide for subject matter, when it's 'all' right in front of you, I went into the garden yesterday morning and plunked myself down in front of the sunflowers planted by the birds. See, if you feed the birds sunflower seeds, they repay you by planting some of them. These are growing on the perimeter of the tomato garden - perfect placement! Yesterday had a beautiful blue sky and I loved the blue I found in my paintbag - Horizon Blue by Holbein. I don't remember buying it but I'm in love with the color. Being New England, today couldn't bee more different, with the morning fog swirling around in violent wind, whitecaps on the river - these pretty sunflowers are bent to the ground! Ah, well, they had a lot of life yesterday, and I think I 'got' it.


  1. Oh! My! You sure did "get it"

    Love the colors

  2. Wow! Beautiful ... I love this! Kate is right, you sure did "get it"!

    I'm glad you caught a good sunny day for this ... a few years ago I went on a trip up there with a good friend who has other friends who live up east and rent a house on Nantucket every summer (how great is THAT?) I only THOUGHT the weather here in Shreveport was erratic ... we joined them on Nantucket for 5 days in August, and every single day was like a different season! Windy and sunny the first day, then overcast, cold and wintry, then a little rain, then sunny and breathtakingly beautiful, then on the last day we were planning a jaunt over to Martha's Vineyard on the ferry, but it was so windy the ferry wasn't running ... and that's pretty darn windy!

    I've never forgotten that trip – I loved it ... I'm itching to go again soon with my husband!

  3. Oh, so nice!!! Lovely work! Loved it, makes me want to go out and paint! Sunny flowers and blue sky! (don't you love those colors?) Chuack, big kiss for you!


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