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Sunday, August 5, 2007

Opening At Westport Rivers Vineyard

Well, we had a very nice night at the Opening for our show, which runs through Sept. 10. Denise and I (below) were sweltering, as the a/c didn't want to cool the room... (hence our 'glow'). But lots of relatives and friends of ours came to make the evening special.

And my son Rory and his girlfriend Akilah came despite her not feeling too well....

And my son Conor was there for the entire 3 hour sweltering evening, he's talking to Denise' friend Millie.

Then my sister (in pain from a horrible ruptured disk) stoically braved the heat and the lack of chairs to show suport...
My pal Bonnie drove down from Hingham (well, John drove, but you know what I mean!)

Old friends Janet and Robert Kingan from Hingham ran into John Riley (also from Hingham)...

And these are a few shots of the paintings we hung.......

Putting on a show like this is a little like organizing a small wedding (except an hour before I was supposed to be there was the first time I thought about what I was wearing that night). There's an incredible about of work, not to mention the fact that I was painting right up until the day before we hung the show! It's very unlike a show at a real Gallery where THEY plan and hang and send out invitations, organize the refreshments, etc. THAT is starting to sound really good to me! But I hope if you see the show you enjoy it. Both Denise and I will be there all day on August 18 and 19, for the Open Studio Tour. I'd love to see you all!


  1. Everything looks great and you look cool as a cucumber!
    Congratulations to you both. I hope to make it to the Open Studios.

  2. It looks like you all had a lovely time!

    Congratulations on the show – it looks great after all your hard work – I wish you great success with it!


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