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Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Snow in Hull, 6x8 Oil

Since it was so sticky today, I decided to paint a SNOW painting. Went to the studio (where they have demolished the two studios on my right, Joan Brancale's and Diane Scott's) only to encounter the whole building roped off with crime scene tape, and guys in HAZMAT suits and respirators crawling all over the place.
"Is it safe for me to work in my studio?" "OH, SURE!" Well, I did my Daily Painting and working on a couple of things, but really had to leave early.... I was uncomfortable. Sooo glad I paid my rent for August - I probably will not be able to use my space at all!
Anyway I love Hull, and this scene was at sunset at the house I lived in for 2 winters on the ocean there ... wonderful place.

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