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Monday, April 16, 2007

Starlight Mint, 4x4, Acrylic

One of those little mints that you grab on the way out of the restaurant. Playing, once again, with the clear wrapper and the light dancing on it, and through it. :)


  1. I like this one, and I think you handled the wrapper well. I've always found mints to be a fun still life subject; I have a few stashed away in case the mood ever hits me to paint another one.

  2. Hi Kelley, great to meet you the other day! I really like this candy painting, nice colors. do more!!

  3. Thanks, Kerri and Debbie! I think I do better when I just RELAX - like this! It was fun, and I will do more. And you?

  4. I like it.
    Reminds me, I've go to get myself another fortune cookie, as I've yet to succeed in painting one.

  5. Well done! I really like the way you suggested the printing on the wrapper.

    it's inspiring to see the way you keep challenging yourself in your art!

  6. And thank you, everyone, for not noticing that 'starlight' is missing the 'i'! Can we just SAY I did that on purpose?


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