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Saturday, April 21, 2007

Coastal Roasters, Acrylic, 11x14

Gorgeous day yesterday, so I decided to try out my 'Holland' painting gear. There was supposed to be no wind, and the sky was almost purple it was so blue, so I headed across the street to the coffeeshop. After I was working for about an hour the wind kicked up, I mean really kicked up, and I was clinging to my brushes, palette, paper towel, as they were being tugged out of my hands. So I packed up and came home - and the wind died right down! This is not really a 'Daily Painting', but a plein air painting. Probably should have posted it in my Studio blog, but here goes.. I'm trying to be a little freer, not so tight or literal.


  1. love the painting,love that spot. Pass it onmy way to the beach. I like the addition of the people and the blues and yellow. what kind of easel do you use?

  2. Good work Kelley! I admire that you went out and braved the elements-maybe there should be a painters bubble invented that we could stand in - of course a car would work too- but there is nothing like actually being there!

  3. Hey! I love the composition- you framed the sign just right!


  4. Ah, how well we outdoor painters know the wind. I think you did a great job and I'm inspired by your dedication.
    :D You go girl!

  5. This looks great despite the wind!!! Colors are wonderful. The style is loose and artistic.

    (boy sometimes those word verificatons are hard to read!)

  6. This painting has a great feel and sense of place - it reminds me of Long Beach, CA, where my sister lives and where my husband and I lived for a year.
    I love the yellow of the sign against that blue, blue sky!

    Congratulations on your Honorable Mention for the Ptown Perfection painting! (on your Inside Kelley's Studio blog) and have a great time in Holland!

  7. Thank you everyone! I'll probably do many plein air paintings of this area, hopefully relaxing more and getting it the way I want each time. There's a funky little beach next door, should provide some good blog fodder!

  8. funky little beach and a gas station with the best view in the state!!

  9. Debbie, come paint with me! I live across the stree!


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