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Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Carrot Babies, Oil, 6x8

Found this group bound and gagged at the Fruit Center. Hoping they'll get ransomed, so I don't have to eat them!


  1. Nice bunch of carrots - that orange is great. You've had some very clever titles and descriptions lately. How do you think of these things!

  2. Love the palette; greens in the leaves are beautiful with the orange. The blue compliment for the background really goes well with the babies!

  3. Thanks, DZ! I am possibly the least creative person on the planet in terms of titles - my landscapes are all simply titled the name of the place that I painted. Don't know where this fun stuff is coming up from!
    Leslie, I love to read your comments, thanks for weighing in!

  4. Nice work! I'm loving the way your paintings are edited down to the simple shapes...less is more! I'm always trying to cram everything in...gorgeous color too.

  5. Someone get a fire extinguisher. The girl's ON FIRE!
    Great Painting.
    Heading to the produce section... again :D

  6. Kelley, I love these carrots. They are certainly alive with vibrant colors.

  7. Fantastic! I love the colors, the negative space... great painting.


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