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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

HARRY! (would have been Shrimp, acrylic, 6x6)

The bottom photo is the painting right after I finished it, spent a good couple of hours on it, finally happy with it. I walked over to the computer and heard this horrendous crash, looking up in time to see Harry (my 10 month old ginger kitten) leaping out of the debris of my easel/taboret. The wet painting was underneath the big piece of furniture, with the water from my pail gushing all over the floor around it. Soooo... I guess he thought it was too 'tight', because now it looks like the top photo! Just wanted to show that I wasn't slacking off today, but there isn't exactly a finished painting to show for it. Anyway, what happend was that Harry leapt onto the palette which is on an open drawer, and his weight (10 pounds, maybe) jumping on to it tipped the whole show over. He has a few new nicknames after today. No, I don't t think I'll share them!


  1. It would have been nice of Harry to consult with you before making the adjustment to your painting (LOL). I can recall more than a few times a painting session had to be interrupted for an impromptu cat foot washing when said cat unexpectedly jumped smack dab in the middle of my palette! If I can grab them before they make little kitty prints across the floor, that's a bonus!

    I just discovered your blogs about a week ago - I love your style ... give us more to see!

  2. OMG.. Harry you little so and so...

    Kelley, that painting rocks!
    I LOVE IT! Great color, shape, everything.
    Ummm we're having shrimp tonight, perhaps a few will become a still life. They're just right on!

  3. Evidentally Harry has his own creative ideas!

    Either one is good enough to eat!

  4. I've had some very close calls with my cats almost jumping into a few paintings, but they don't take it well when I close them out of the room completely.

    Thanks for stopping by on my blog; I've got you added to my links so I don't miss anything!

  5. I think we should encourage young harry in his artistic endeavors... we once had cats that refused to paint, remember.

    Maybe he should try his own canvas tho...

    and if he gets kicked out I'll take him!


  6. I love this painting and think you have an amazing use of color!


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