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Friday, June 1, 2018

"Coming Home" 20x16 Acrylic by Kelley Carey MacDonald

"Coming Home" 20x16, Acrylic  $350, email me at if interested.

So.  You know...I HATE when people start sentences with "So..."... but an update - the paintings at the North River Art In The Barn sold like wildfire.  Yay!  Which is great because I am headed north to mid-coast Maine for an annual painting trip at the end of next week!  VERY EXCITED!  Although I will miss everyone at home, it is a week of renewal, relaxing, painting and laughing.  All the artists going have been in the business for a long time and have so much to share.  And we are remote.  I mean... our phones don't work - we have to use the LAND LINE.  Good Grief~!

OK, this painting is for the GirlsJustWannaPaint post for May, the topic being:  Home.  Great topic.  HOWEVER..... I have never really had a 'home' that 'fits' me.  Fits my heart. I am happy enough that my family fits my heart and my pets fill it up too.  But though I am an architecture nut and love furniture, fabric, china, glass and carpets... my own home is not what I would paint.  So  (here I go again...)  I was in this house a while ago and I thought "I could love living here..."  and I snapped a couple of photos.  The people were waiting for the movers to move out of the country so they didn't mind. The floors, the antiques, the huge sunroom, the 2 stairways... yep... just fit me. And I didn't want this painting to be 'nudgey'... all straight lines and exact perspective.  I wanted the 'feel' I got there.  A little wonky.... like me. 

P.S. if there are typos all over this, my orange cat, Harry, kept leaping up and walking ON the keyboard.  I think I got them all.  But he would look SO great in this home....

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