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Sunday, December 14, 2014

Tower Of Jellies, 12x6 Inch Acrylic Painting by Kelley MacDonald

Part of my little "Holiday Pop Up Sale" Click here to see the rest.  New ones added daily.

Now... I know some of these paintings would be great gifts.  And gifts are so much a part of this time of year.  But still... the best gift you can give, really, is to really be there for someone.  A friend, a relative, a neighbor, a co-worker.  Think of the people who have made such a difference in your own life... right?  

I try just to enjoy the magic this time of year brings.  The lights.  The music.  The anticipation.  I try to concentrate on what I DO have, not what I don't have, what I want.  Right now I'm full of gratitude.  Even in surprising places.  Like where you would think there would be fear, or disappointment, there is still a light there shining on someone I love.  

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