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Monday, December 1, 2014

Magical Moonlight

The first of the month always brings my painting for my Challenge group, Girls Just Wanna Paint.

This month our theme was "Magical"... and to me, moonlight on snow is just about as magical as you can get.  It's a tiny, tuckable painting, and I also like that.  I have lots of these, done by myself, or my Daily Painting friends, tucked in corners all over the house.  I love coming upon them, they comfort or inspire me, remind me of places or fun times, or just beauty.  

I know a lot of us had to wrestle joy into the Thanksgiving feast this year, but I hope you all did.  Aside from personal challenges of our own or our loved ones, the media has been doing it's level best to divide us and make us angry.  Please lock the door of your heart on them.  Let in only the joy from the smiles of your favorite family and friends, and the let in only the love from their hearts to yours.  

And if we have to buy presents at the holidays, try to do so from small businesspeople.  We won't make a hill of beans of difference in buying something from China.  But our local shops, and craftspeople are our neighbors and need our support.  Of course shopping this way won't get you your Lexus in the driveway on Christmas morning... but trust me, it will be as nice a surprise a few days after Christmas when the dealers are trying to get their numbers in before the 1st!!! Ha! 

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  1. Very pretty, Kelley. I think the moonlight on the snow is the only reason I don't mind it snowing. Yes, it is magical.


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