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Saturday, August 2, 2014

Red Dory I, 24x48 Oil Painting by Kelley MacDonald

This is a section of a painting that I donated to the Tiverton Land Trust at their event on Thursday evening.  I was a bit disappointed at the low winning big (roughly 1/3 of what it would be listed at in a gallery).  HOWEVER, it wasn't framed.... OK,  and I was happy that someone who also valued the Land Trust would have it in their home.

Then... as it would turn out... the Red Dory was going to the owner of the new restaurant near my home... and the name of his restaurant, The Red Dory, was the inspiration for a small series of paintings I did, including THIS one.  And I met him and he was so nice and he and my husband brainstormed about the way they should develop the empty gas station across the street from the new restaurant, at the beach.  And they came up with - a big gazebo... which would be really really nice - and would allow Tiverton residents to sit in the shade and enjoy the wonderful view. (We will not mention that I have been saying this all along, right?).

At any rate, it was a wonderful night, with a fabulous sunset, an amazing moonset closely following (a red crescent moon - so unusual!).  Great food, fun beverages, lively conversation and great auction items - I was proud to be among the donators!


  1. Great that this one will be enjoyed by the public - good on you for donating !

  2. I am sure your painting will be hanging in that restaurant, Kelley. What a great advertisement for your work! So a side bonus and maybe worth the low bid results? Sounds like you had a great evening!

  3. Wouldn't you know the guys copy our ideas. I knew the idea was yours before I even got to that sentence. This painting knew where it was going from the beginning idea. Love that!

  4. That is so cool that the owners of the restaurant bought it!! Co-winky-dink? I don't think so! It really is such a bright cheery piece but it also has a nice serene quality about it. Congrats Kelley!

  5. Nice job, Kelley. Looks like your red dory found its home.


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