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Friday, August 29, 2014

Peaceful Day, 4x6 Inch Acrylic Painting by Kelley MacDonald

4x6" Acrylic Painting

Today.... was blissful.  Perfect temperature, low wind, gorgeous sky with an army of cream puff clouds gliding along.  I HAD to have the 'studio' outside today!  

But I didn't feel like painting alone... so I called my friend Susan Medyn, a brave and sassy watercolorist, (see her work here), and took my Studio Assistant (Paco) outside.  

Inspiration floated back and forth between Susan and I, and we egged each other on to step outside of our comfort zones, while noshing on pb&j's (I'm a real hostess, I tell you).  We slapped that paint around, talked about our upcoming trip to the Cuttyhunk Island Artist's Retreat, shared career tips and  brainstormed.  I have been in a really fertile mode about my work, it's direction, ways to market it while maintaining the focus on development of my skill.  The stars must be aligning for me in this area!  I'm enjoying good connections to collectors, who give me valuable feedback, and enrich MY life with their friendships.  

Tonight.... a trip to Marshfield to North River Art Society's Outside The Box - a really fun event, where we paint and our pieces go on the wall unsigned for a silent auction.  Tonight the paintings went to their new homes.  I think the quality of the art this year was superior to every other year.  Actually, the actor Steve Carrell painted a piece titled "Buy This Painting For $50,000".  Pretty much he just painted that on a square.  I fear the bid went for slightly less than that... :)  still fun.


  1. Awesome blues, Kelley! The day does indeed look blissful. I'm kind of feeling like curling up right next to Paco!

  2. Had such a great day. Thanks for all the inspiration.


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