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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Intensity, 5x7 Oil Painting by Kelley MacDonald

5x7" Oil Painting "Intensity"

Did you know that Tuesday was National Dog Day?  Yeah, well, .... we celebrated it in our house!  No, not Harry, the orange cat or Isabelle the torti cat, but Paco and I... and my husband (who did not know exactly that he was celebrating).  I love this painting.  It was part of my 30 Paintings in 30 Days Challenge with Leslie Saeta.   I really like that you have to delve... dig and be creative - because trust me, no matter how much you love your subject, at about day 10 you are smacking yourself in the forehead asking everyone you know why they let you commit to this!  And you get to know a subject INSIDER OUT! :D

So.  Here I am, considering it again for September.  I have a really, really, really busy month.  I'm doing a workshop on Cuttyhunk Island as part of the Cuttyhunk Island Artist Retreat.  I'm teaching at the Providence Art Club.  And I'm teaching 3 Fridays at the Portsmouth Arts Guild on Aquidneck Island. (Please ignore the typo's, I just copied and pasted from their website):
Honestly, I'm just glad there are 2 e's in my first name and an 'a' in my last name.  I don't ask for much! But there are still a few spots left if you're interested!

One more, kind of personal, thing.  I actually consider all you guys my friends.  You are, actually, more real than my Facebook friends, since you've shared my journey for many years, so... OK.  I haven't posted since Open Studios, which was fine, fun and fabulous.  Because as I was catching my breath over that, we learned that my godchild is very sick.  With God's grace she will not only survive but thrive, but it's been a rocky week, and honestly, I couldn't paint.  I couldn't even string a thought together.  All the crazy stuff going on in the world, and then to find out someone who is wonderful in a 'lit from within' way is literally holding on by a thread.  So.... if you can spare a prayer, we'll take it.  Thank you.  And now.... I promise surprises and fun scenes from Open Studios tomorrow.  Goodnight and thank you.


  1. You should join me! And all those days while you are teaching I think you are also painting a painting!

  2. Is that Paco? No matter who it is, he is adorable!!! The only error I see in this is that your first name isn't capitalized in the header line...Did I miss something else?

  3. Many prayers for health. You are beyond busy!

  4. Enjoy your time on Cuttyhunk. When I was in nursing school I worked summers for Cuttyhunk Boat Lines on the pier in New Bedford, Ma. selling tickets. It was a cool summer job although I never did get to go over to the island. I did hear it is quite tick infested so pack your bug spray. :)

  5. Is Paco jealous that you painted a black pug. Love the painting.

  6. Awe . . . Such a cute little guy! Congratulations on the sale of this painting! :)

  7. i love you black pug painting kelley!
    i am sending you and your family all of my love.
    i am thinking of all of you and holding your hands.
    the strength people show us in every situation and age are healing and life affirming.
    your wonderful godchild is not only healing with that well being, but giving it off into the world too.



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