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Saturday, July 12, 2014

Those Luscious Lips, 6x6 Inch Oil Painting by Kelley MacDonald

  Oh... those sweeties... and that top one was over-stuffed - don't DO that to me!!!  I have to fight my dog and my husband to get one of these! :)  I had these two picked out while I was in line at Dunkin's.  The lady in front of me acted like she was in STARBUCK's - she had questions about every beverage they carried, and she had a little boy that I was afraid was going to claim these excellent 'models'.  Turns out his 'event' was an in depth discussion about the merits of mixing flavors for a personalized 'Coolatta'  (at this point I have broken out in to a sweat, I felt like a junkie - wanted to place my hand over both their mouths and just beg "Please put the two middle jellies aside for me, OK?".  So, yeah.... I did a very small amount of foot tapping and eye rolling.. and then when it was my turn - don't you know I was 5 cents SHORT?  I had left my bag in the car and only brought in a little cash.  While I debated whether I should just get ONE of them, or neither, the lady who was in front of me reached over and tossed a dollar bill on the pile of money I had.  Yup.  Just like that.  I felt smaller and smaller (hadn't I just rolled my EYES at her?) and then, fortunately a dime fell out of my pocket, so I had it covered, but still.  Put me right back in my place, being patient.  Not judging.  Accepting what the Universe/God/Angles have lined up for me.
And I painted like the WIND when I got home!

Now - one of these days I'm going to do everyone a favor and start a Newsletter.  Yes, Leslie Saeta, I am!  But I want to tell you that NEXT weekend.........

You are all SO invited and would be extremely welcomed!  It's a wonderful Tour.  I can steer you to some of the most amazing artists!  Please introduce yourself (again?) to me, as I am swamped with faces those days... :D


  1. Coffee and one of these would taste just lovely right about now! Yep, I do believe God can draw us up short and make us think about some of the things we do in just the way that happened to you. But a lesson not soon forgotten I am sure!

  2. Kelley, love the painting, and the story! All wonderful!


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