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Saturday, July 5, 2014

Hersey Farm View, 6x6 inch Oil Painting by Kelley MacDonald

Last week I had the great pleasure of painting with some fabulous painters at Hersey Farm in Hingham MA.  We decided to paint in 'study' mode - not to get too wrapped up in detail, in a struggle for perfection, and rather to be more impressionistic, to be loose - but correct.  It was wonderful, and we all got a few nice pieces.  This on is a view up at meadow.. with a bit of standing water brightly reflecting the incredible blue sky that day.  The cows will be coming to this farm soon for summer grazing.  We've been invited back.  I cannot wait!

We saw at least 13 different sets of fireworks tonight.  You have to find things every day to be grateful for.  I am.  So grateful.  For my family, my friends, my work....


  1. Your joy is evident in these brush strokes, Kelley. You also have a wonderfully amazing positive outlook; wish I could emulate it!

  2. Kelly, this is an amazing painting. I like everything about it.


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