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Thursday, July 10, 2014

Dreaming of Maine, 8x8 Inch Oil Painting by Kelley MacDonald

  Deceptively simple.  But like a dream, there are many layers of paint on this painting.  It has a solid 'structure' but then the paint just glided on...fluid and in ... well, 'dreamy' colors.  With a hint of what we call 'calligraphy' on the little islands, where I've carved through the paint.  I was going to save this for my Open Studio, but I though, ... no.. I had to share it.  Feel free to zoom in, you find all sorts of interesting things going on in this painting.  I don't say this about many of my paintings, but I love this piece.

Busy getting ready for my Open Studio next weekend!!!!!  I am inviting you all.  This year I'm leaving up a Work In Progress, and you can see my palette, my favorite brushes, and my colors.  I'd like to say I'm cleaning and organizing but I can't stop PAINTING.  You may show up to my usual disarray of stacks of paintings I'm working on, a table with acrylics set up, my oil paint set up, my colored markers - all in the midst of being used!


  1. I think this is beautiful, Kelley! Both the color of the sky (so striking) and the water is beautiful! Then you pull me in with the colors of the distant hills.

  2. Serene and gently pulling me toward land.


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