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Monday, June 30, 2014

Farmhouse Bedroom, 6x8 Painting by Kelley MacDonald

In a little coastal town in Maine, a group of artists gather every June.  Photographers, pastellists, oil painters, acrylic and watercolor - all sorts of art gets made.  Wonderful food is prepared and devoured.  Wine selected by an artist's husband (who really knows his stuff) and beer and cocktails.... all enjoyed daily.  The breeze floats right up from the cove, flutters the old fashioned sheer panel curtains... the quiet is so profound it's hard to get to sleep the first night.  All the beds are old and comfy, and when sleep does come you are truly in dreamland... until.... the lobstermen launch their boats - then we are privy to some very colorful language!

This big farmhouse is a haven for us.  We talk late in to the night about our lives, our art, our struggles, our successes.  We follow the progress of each others' work, year to year, as well as how all our kids are doing, our spouses, our houses and gardens.

AND we paint!  Morning, noon and night!  

A couple of larger pieces did not make it in here, but this is the bulk of all of our paintings!


  1. Kelley, This all sounds like heaven! A very, very , well deserved getaway! The paintings are all fabulous!

  2. This is the way to do it. Love the bedroom scene.

  3. I know this sounds silly, but to me the perfect bedroom has these blowing sheers and oh so clean and crisp look to it. What a divine week this sounds to have been!

  4. Second time commenting today that my comment just disappeared! Anyway, this bedroom looks beautiful; I so love blowing sheers and fresh air and open windows! Gets too hot here to do that except maybe early spring and late autumn.

  5. I agree with Nancy..Great and well deserved get away with fabulous artist friends..and the work looks so good

  6. LOVE this post! I can feel the crisp breeze in that heavenly room by the sea. Smell the air, hear the water and the boats.
    The painting is beautiful and the group work is also fantastic.
    A little piece of heavenly serenity for my dear girl xo

  7. Thanks for sharing your art life. This new to painting student finds it inspiring. I also have a life ruled by a pug.


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