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Saturday, August 17, 2013

Today was the first day of August Open Studios.  Why, you ask, would someone put themselves through the agony and tremendous work TWICE in a summer?  Well, for one thing if I wasn't open this weekend I would have missed meeting fabulous painter and blogger Fay Terry!  I've been following her work for a looooong time, enjoying every post.  She's up this way from North Carolina, and meeting her in person was beyond beyond.  Sweet, kind, fun, (SO fun) and talented, it felt like I'd known her a long time.  I hope she enjoys her time in New England, and comes back again soon!

And this is what my fortune cookie said last night. So... I won't.
Fun, funky and returning friends came today.  At least 2 people told me they read my blog faithfully - one said it "makes her morning"... another said when she wakes up she HOPES I've posted.....  (and one person said I'm even nicer in person... thanks ;)

I had my trusted friend Jane by my side.  She knows almost as much about my journey as I do, and she handles every sale with aplomb.  Nothing throws her.  Not a non-cooperating Square credit card reader, not lack of change, not oversized work being sold or dogs growling at her feet.  Yes Paco... growled because the chew toy he STOLE from my son's dog suddenly was very precious...

Well, Sunday is another day!  New friends to see and meet!  I love it that people were taking advantage of the chairs I put out on my front lawn... many people sat and looked at the water after stopping by.  A great way to wrap up a visit, I think!
(two of these paintings are still available...)


  1. Oh I just know those chairs were the welcoming touch, Kelley! Sounds like this weekend is going to be so much fun! Love seeing your set up too.

  2. I look forward to your posts too. So nice to hear about your life and Paco and see your wonderful paintings. I too was graced with a visit from the wonderful artist and blogger Fay Terry. The world of blogging is such a fabulous way to connect with other artists. And open studios wow is it work, but in the end, worth it. Your work looks fabulous.

  3. Great photo! Think I am having almost as much fun as you, but you are hard to beat. Your blogs start my day, too. Thanks, Kelley! Good luck today!

  4. Congrats!!! All sounds so wonderful. So happy for you. You are in your vortex!! Enjoy it all!! Xoxo

  5. Loved seeing a photo of two of my favorite people. I met Faye at a workshop in Raleigh NC this Spring. I have also been following her blog. Glad you two got to meet, and Kelly, you have on one of my favorite colors. My nice husband, Ray, just painted a high armoire in my studio that color.

  6. Sounds like a wonderful time. Would love to meet Fay Terry too! Happy that all went well- Your posts are wonderful to wake up to and glad others feel the same way!


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