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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Sweet Life, 8x10 oil Painting by Kelley MacDonald

So blessed to have some time on a lovely little lake in Maine this week. Traveling with Paco has it's moments but for the most part we are Content (capital intended). Vast views, quiet, loons and a schedule of exactly NOTHING.... To rejuvenate, reconnect with friends, and try things out on my canvas. I am grateful.

3 women, 2 dogs and a million memorable moments......


  1. Beautiful work! Have a wonderful getaway!

  2. One of your thumbnails said "tiny clamscape." That made me laugh. You've done a beautiful piece here and I love how the colors in the scare reflect back up onto the trees and plants on shore. I could so use such a week. Maybe some day, eh? The dogs look so content too, especially Paco.

  3. Enjoy! We are going to Fripp Island for the long week-end to celebrate mine and Sandor's birthday. We share the same day.


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