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Monday, August 12, 2013

Sakonnet Glow, 12x12 oil painting by Kelley MacDonald

This painting is featured this week (maybe 2) on the main wall at the Art Stable Gallery.  It's a white wall and I'm beyond thrilled to have my 3 Coastal Skies paintings on it (see below)
I am madly painting and prepping for my upcoming Open Studio Tour as part of the South Coast Open Studio Tour.  There are 2 during the summer and this is the final one.  The top painting is available via the blog as well - email me for info, it is 12x12 inches on a cradled board.  

I've had a weekend of animal mishaps and it has swibbled my mind.  My beloved orange kitty was sick on Friday, Paco my Pug played Houdini and escaped on Saturday, running into busy traffic on Main Road, and Sunday morning a neighbor's dog broke free and did what Paco did in front of our house, but wasn't as lucky as Paco and got his lead caught under a car.  Survived, though, and that's what's important.  So... it's been hard to concentrate and I'm a bit behind.  Wish me a clear head this week!
Right now.... there's a meteor shower....


  1. Gorgeous clouds and just the colors I often see here at sunset. Nice to see them captured on canvas. So glad all is well with all the animals though.

  2. Kelley.The painting is GORGEOUS. I am coming on Sunday to your Open Studio..Where exactly is it?

  3. Kelley, your work is just stunning! Best wishes for a fabulous open studio!

  4. Wow Kelley, Wow what a cool painting, love the colors! I"m so glad to hear all the critters are alive, oh my goodness. That would rattle anyone. I bet painting will help. xoxo

  5. Oh this is so glorious. I feel it literally glows off the wall.
    You have captured the wonderful Sakonnet sunset.

  6. What a gorgeous painting. Beautiful sunset over the Sakonnet. Keeps the memory of warm summer sunsets alive and glowing.

  7. I don't believe people who say. "only God can do justice to a sunset a=so a painter should never try." blah, blah, blah....
    All thee scintillating colors of a sunset are there and you do this so well.
    just amazing!
    Congratulations on the 'white wall'.

  8. Wow - so gorgeous! Congratulations, Kelley! Your work is so beautiful and so painterly! I love it!

  9. Love the beautiful painting!! Glad your pets are okay. Tough weekend.


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