Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Cluck, 8x8 Inch painting of a chicken by Kelley MacDonald


No need to 'adjust your set'.... The photo was one of 3 I took - all a little blurry.  I think the camera didn't know what to focus on with all that pattern!  I will try again with a different camera on Saturday, when I am in the studio again!

I love chickens - I guess you can tell.  I think they're pretty smart - though some people can't see it.  It's like people who don't 'get' cats, or dogs - you can't expect them to act in a 'people-ish' way - you have to take them on their terms.... and then I believe you will mostly find it very rewarding!  The feathers on this chicken are crazy!  Very flamboyant.  And we all know I like fun, so.... 

Oh, on Saturday night, Kathrine Lovell, a heavenly artist, (and I mean her work is divine, not religious) is having an Opening in her Studio at Tiverton 4 Corners.  I have double booked, and will miss the Opening (but my homemade hummus will make an appearance), but I will not miss this show. 
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  1. Amazing, i like the feather much. You did a great job!

  2. What a handsome devil he is! Love the reds in his...goodness, can't think of the name. But it is a marvelous piece, Kelley.

  3. Such an attitude from this guy! Love it!

  4. Love this guy, so rooster-ish! You captured his essence!


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