Thursday, June 27, 2013

Commission, 8x10 by Kelley MacDonald

This is a dog portrait of a sweetie pie named Daisy.  I've had the commission for way too long and needed to  finish her up!~  Yes, I accept commissions for pet portraits.  All sizes.  Just email me at and we'll talk.  Don't be intimidated, thinking it must be a horrific price - I do all sizes, to fit any budget.  They're fun, and they give me a break from the streams of ideas and plans I have in my own head.

SUPER productive day in the studio today.  Started a huge 30x40 Maine painting, edited in a big way one from last year, completed my Challenge painting, designed new marketing materials and finished this.  Wow.  Off to celebrate with some popcorn and a movie!  :)
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  1. Oh sooo beautiful a portrait!

  2. Perfect capture of that Pug look. And boy! You sure got a lot accomplished yesterday!

  3. how can you not love a pug, but she looks just like Paco :D
    Which movie did you see?

  4. Kelley, love this ,so adorable! I am impressed with your productivity! So inspiring! Plus you saw a movie! Wow, what was it?


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