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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Just One Bite, 6x6 Inch Oil Painting by Kelley MacDonald


Well, here's the last of last week's jellies!  This was actually earlier than the other stack of 3 jellies, yes, before they were halfway devoured ;)

I have really been pulling out of the Winter Doldrums!  My classes, both at the Studio and at the Art Club, are chock full of fun, fabulous artists.  I have a zillion ideas for new paintings, and thanks to an artist friend, am VERY close to announcing a new, fun event at my studio.  Set aside a Thursday night or two and grab some good girlfriends, that's all I can say for now... but soon.

I guess just like writing, a cure for a painting block or an artistic block is to JUST KEEP PAINTING.  Because eventually things start seeming exciting again, and there's that swish in your step, or at least in your brush.  I even am tackling organizing the new space with less trepidation.  And it will make people who have recently purchased my paintings THRILLED to know I have finally, finally located the box with the packing tape, so I can put it on the ready-and-waiting boxes.  Feeling sheepish, but there you go, the tape was not exactly where I would have thought. BEHIND me now! :D


  1. Once again the jelly steals the show! Glad things are coming together in your new studio!

  2. These are tantalizing! I can taste the yummy sugar.
    Thanks for the pep talk. Just keep swimming swimming....

  3. You are the master! So nice to see you buzzing with inspiration and enthusiasm. It's your natural state. All good!! xoxo

  4. i'm so buy a mate for the one i have and go get some to eat. your treatment of jelly is sublime!!


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