Tuesday, February 19, 2013


Another do-nutty kind of day!  I feel like I really let loose with the jelly bellies in these two open donuts.  When you first *ahem* 'tear' them open the jelly might sit in there, but as time goes by gravity pulls it out... not that in real life it would get that way too often!  

Sorting through the studio, coming upon old studies and paintings from a while ago, it's like a trip down memory lane.  But I try to not get too distracted, as Saturday is coming, and my students have been PROMISED a more put-away work space!

Many thanks to the patient people who purchased paintings during the move.  Everything is more or less located now, in terms of packing materials, and things are on their way to their new homes. :)

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  1. ma chère ! Je crois que je prends des kilos chaque fois que j'admire vos beignets !...
    gros bisous à vous.

  2. I am always awed by how realistic your jelly looks and it proves true again. I'll bet it feels good to be getting your studio sorted!

  3. ooh yum!
    I have a sudden urge to raid the fridge! Must avoid foody blogs in future, lol! This is too good! ;0)

  4. Another yummy painting containing yummy treats. You are the queen of painting jelly doughnuts.


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