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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

St. Simon's Palms

This painting was done as a plein air study when I was with my peeps on St. Simon's Island, GA in May of this year.  It is not for sale, as I don't sell the pieces I paint on these trips (UNLESS it's right off the easel, on location... for some reason I can't say 'no' when someone wants it right then and there!).  But I was entranced by the palm trees.  We don't have any here in Rhode Island and I just love their elegance.  It's good to stretch yourself and paint things you're not used to.  I'm trying to work on a bigger one based on this study but it's fighting me. Wish me luck with that!~


  1. I've never been to St Simon's Island but love seeing it through your artwork. Lovely piece!

  2. Good day Kelley! Just a note to tell u how much I enjoy your daily paintings website! U have and we share an appreciation of all things simple , like palm trees (I love them too) and jelly donuts, I love seeing u on ur porch painting, it makes me smile every time ! Keep spreading the joy with ur talent! Denise Lach :)

  3. Oh to have peeps! Gorgeous palms and I love the light colored trunks.

  4. I just never know what I will find when I open a post from you. Love the palm trees. As always you did a great job on them. I miss seeing them after living in San Diego. I'm sending you good painting vibes to work on the big one-go Kelley-go


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