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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Dusk View, 8x24 inches, Original Oil Painting by Kelley MacDonald

Another new one at the gallery.  I have been painting a LOT lately - yeah, I know, a lot of you think I paint a lot because I do a lot of Daily Paintings (small format paintings).  But since I got back from Maine I have been working on bigger pieces.  The dogs recently were two that came out of it but I have a couple of 36x36's coming...).  But I have been thinking a lot about color and texture.  This painting, simple as it looks, took days to complete.  I very much wanted this particular sliding scale of the orange and the pink/lavendar.  You see colors like that around here after the sun sets - the water leans to lavender, and the sky orange.  Also just before the sun rises.

So!  Hoping I can paint enough so that my INNER painter can come out and play, and she's coming up the driveway - I can see her but she's not here yet.  But paintings like this are getting me there.

This is at the Art Stable Gallery.  865 Main Road Westport, and will be open from 11-5 Saturday and Sunday, and should be well attended!  I'm going to be there around lunchtime (probably 1-ish) on Saturday.  Should be a blast :)
Yep, more dogs coming - but not for a few days!!!!  I'm hooked on that series!
*and yes, that's a piece of grass on the lower edge - I just noticed it!  I took the photo in the grass!)


  1. I'm LOVE this Kelley!! do more do more!

  2. Wow, this is fabulous, Kelley! I enlarged it so I could better see what you did. Wonderful color graduations on the sky and water!

  3. Totally exquisite format, Kelley. For a second I had to scroll back up and see if I was on Mary's blog. Love the gorgeous sunset colors!

  4. Lovely, serene looking piece. Quite a departure from the puppies splashing in the water...a nice respite till we see the next splash.

    The grass did add a bit of interest. ;)

  5. Powerful format and you nailed the color changes!

  6. 8x24???!!!! Oh! It must be stunning life, you really nailed those twilight colors, it's beautiful!!! I agree with Sheila, do more!

  7. kelly, love the strong simplicity of both of your new pieces. You have captured the colors that are deep in the atmosphere, great works both of them.


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