Thursday, April 30, 2009

Going Crazy! Acrylic 20x30

Yesterday I painted with talented artist Franny Andahazy in Hull. Well, Paco came too, and despite the fact that he SOMEHOW jumped into my palette after I'd loaded the cad red and orange onto it (so he had one orange and one red front paw, one orange back paw and what LOOKED like lipstick). I was not able to concentrate too well after the Big Cleanup, but other than that he was very good. I was playing around with new texture in this big sunflower painting - channeling Van Gogh ;), letting it be about fun and color. Maybe after I work on it a little , doll it up a little, I might like it better. There are things about it (the squishy, free brushstrokes on the petals, the layered color of the background) that I do like, but it's like my left and right brain were doing battle.

Below... Paco as we were visiting his 'birth mother's' grandmother, after our session, where he ran around her yard and snatched Grape Hyacinths from their stalks, and lastly, a snuggly spot in my husband's jacket on a chilly morning - no other place would do... Pin It


  1. Kelley, I love your new painting! Very romantic,and paintery! And very Van Gogh! Little Paco is cuter than cute!! He is so tiny! Thanks for sharing!!

  2. Kelley, I LOVE this sunflower, it really jumps out and is full of color and warmth. Well that little Paco sure sounds like he has a big personality. I can tell you are enjoying the pug adventure already!
    pughugs from Texas...

  3. 20x30!! Holy moley.
    Well, after all the excitement, I can see how your concentration would be a little bit 'off'.
    Pace is MOST adorable!!!!!!!

  4. Paco is sooooo cute. You should have a pic of him covered with paint. Love the sunflowers.

  5. love the flowers and just LOVE the puppy! That has to be one of the cutest ever pugs on the planet. love the pics of him today.

  6. The sunflower is beautiful! I really enjoy the colors you've surrounded it with!
    OMG.... Paco...... now he's a doll baby! I'd like to give him a big kiss!

  7. Hey, great getting back to it painting. Good thing you were using acrylics for Paco's sake...he's some cute.

  8. Little Paco is such a cutie! Funny about jumping in the paint (oh no!). Beautiful painting you have, Kelley. Best regards, Liz

  9. The flowers look awesome, you did a great job with them.
    Paco is too cute. How did you get the paint off him?

  10. Hi Kelley ... this painting is BEAUTIFUL. And the size ... wow, I bet it's really stunning in person.
    And Paco ... who could resist that mug? What a doll! I was thinking the same thing as Vern ... at least it was acrylic paint and not oil. I guess now that Paco's "gotten his feet wet" you can that he's been fully initiated as a painter's pet!

  11. Kelley!

    Yes, you totally channelled Van Gogh on this painting. Just don't cut your ear off!

    Very impressionistic and lively. Nice bright, fun colors too!

    Oh, and I know it's been said by everyone else, but Paco is super cute!!

    It won't be long, Kelley, before you have to do a pet portrait of him. There's no escaping it!


  12. hi Paco. Tell your Mom thanks for stopping by my blog. You are wee little thing!


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