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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Tangerine Rose, Oil 5x7

"The rose speaks of love silently, in a language known only to the heart." - unknown

I'm going to keep going with the roses for a while in my Daily Paintings.  I feel I can learn so much about color and design, not to mention transparencies of glass.  This rose is a little gorgeous deep orange flower that we bought this year.  To say it's in it's first year, it's been generous in it's flowering.  I'm feeling the rush of the end of the Summer and I want to grind it to a halt, dig my feet in and stand under the sun... begging for just a little more time!


  1. You have so inspired me to try a vase with a flower. Don't know that I can pull it off... but the inspiration is there.

    We will still have summer until the end of September going into October..and then some. I'll be more than ready for cooler temps...

    I'm in Southern California by the way, that's why our summer is sooooo long...and then we get the Santa Ana's in the fall ...

  2. Your rose is lovely but the poem describing "holding onto summer" could be written by any of us "canucks" up here, freezing, in Calgary! Good work on both counts!


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