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Monday, August 4, 2008

Passing Storm, Acrylic 6x6


This is what they call 'isolated thunderstorms' and it was rapidly moving up the Bay. I felt like 'Quick Draw McGraw' (for those of you old enough to remember that cartoon) rapidly, rapidly getting down the shapes and colors. I had just come home from a fruitless trip to pick up my paintings at Pembroke. This is the story of my life. The pick up, aparently was a 4 o'clock sharp. Since it was my son's birthday and I was preparing a feast, I, in my mind, assumed they'd be there till 5 p.m. and since it's an hour's drive, I told my family I had to leave by 4 p.m. Well, when I set the cake in front of everyone I said "Anyone know what time it is?" When they said "5 o'clock" I grabbed my car keys ("Happy Birthday!!!!" ) and tore off up the highway at 80 mph. I arrived at 6:03 to find the tents being rolled up and my paintings locked in the bank across the street. So I used a 1/2 tank of gas for nothing!!!!! But this view was waiting for me when I got home, although all the guests were gone, and the birthday son was at the beach on a run....


  1. The colors are beautiful in this. What a bummer (well that's aging me, that phrase)...I know something similar has happened to me's a familiar feeling. the painting.

  2. Hi Kelley,
    Great Painting, love the clouds and the color.

  3. I got to see this in person and the colors are even better.


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