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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Just Yolking, 5x7 acrylic on linen

I was too busy running around dropping off and picking up paintings yesterday to paint, so I'm using a small one from last week.  My sister's favorite cake is white, with white frosting (really, she could forgo the cake but it gives the frosting something to stick to!), and for her birthday on August 1, I made her a cake.  So the cake, to remain 'so so so' white needs only egg whites, I had these three yolks left over.  I rolled them on to a white platter and painted them  Interesting thing, as they sat there, the leftover white that clung to them pooled around them, making an interesting reflective surface to paint. At first, however, when I painted these, it was nowhere to be seen.


  1. That's bee-oooo-tee-ful :)
    I agree with Sis. French fries are all about the ketchup, Pancakes are all about the syrup and cake is all about the frosting. My favorite, buttercream.

  2. These are like Mary said "bee-ooo-tee-ful.

    wow....the reflections, everything about it, I love.

  3. Nice work Kelly-- simple good design nice color and paint.


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