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Monday, January 14, 2008

Not TODAY's Daily Painting...

Beach Rock Eggs, Acrylic 12x6

I did this painting last week, thinking of the 'Seeing White' Show at Gallery 297 in Bristol, RI (this one got rejected.... it's OK, my 'Pearl Onions' got in).  I collect egg shaped rocks that are pure white from the beach I go to in the summer.  Then I put them in tall vases.  I don't know why.  I'm thinking of breaking out this summer and collecting pitch black rocks that are flattened ovals, and doing the same (glass jars).  Then there are the speckled rocks, the smooth dark gray rocks with rings of white shot through them.... this is why I loved having little boys who loved to collect rocks.  When we moved from Pembroke, MA to Hingham we had interesting rocks lining every windowsill, and some in book cases, in boxes, in jars, cans..... well, we didn't take them to the new house, and I MISSED them!  

Instead of a Daily Painting today I did a bigger, 18x24 oil painting of a Red Jeep, see it (and the other stuff I'm doing) at 

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