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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

New Feature

This is KIND of a Daily Painting.  I did paint it today, but it's larger, an 11x14 painting of Gould Island, the one across from my house.  It's in the Sakonnet River, with Tiverton on one shore, and Aquidneck Island on the other (Aquidneck being much, much larger than Gould).  A funny thing is, and hardly anyone I've spoken to in this area is aware of, there's another island called Gould Island on the OTHER side of Aquidneck Island.  How could these people not notice this?  well, my little island is affectionately known (in my father's world) as 'Rat' Island, since viewed from a particular place it looks like a rat.  Anyway I'm planning a new blog, which will be linked from this one, all Gould Island, all the time.  Paintings, sketches, photos, and I'm hoping to do it for a year.  Stay tuned!

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