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Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Tulip Time - Already?? Original Painting by Kelley MacDonald

Time moves on and so do we all!  This has been an unbelievably busy Holiday Season, and also - I have moved, so on top of pushing out 42 small paintings for Little Pictures types of shows, and juggling 2 day jobs, I've become an Urban Girl.  Yup.  Never thought I'd like it (yes, that was me you heard kicking and screaming...) but I will admit... it is A-OK.  I never realized how much TIME I spent getting places.  Now there are endless sidewalks to explore with Paco, and even the cats do not seem to mind not going outside for their morning constitutional.
PLUS I'm super close now to my sons, and that is just GREAT.  

So these tulips grace my new space... and it is the end result of a lesson I taught at the Art Club today.  We took a photo, did 3 small quick experimental paint sketches, and settled on one to really paint.  Teaching at 2 places now, the Club and North River Arts Society in Marshfield.  I love my life!


  1. Sometimes change is just what we need. So happy you love your new home. Lovely spring painting.

  2. Congrats on not only surviving, but sounds like you are thriving!!! I'm so glad you are happy. LOVELY painting!


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