Thursday, April 30, 2015

Serene Bride, 7x5 Acrylic Painting by Kelley MacDonald


Here it is, the 1st of the month!  And you know what that means!  Girls Just Wanna Paint produces our response to this month's topic:  Bride.  Check them out HERE.
I'm going to a wedding next week for a very lovely couple and my very own daughter is recently engaged and we are looking forward to THAT!  Every bride is beautiful.  City Hall brides (my mom and my friend Susan), Beachfront brides, Cathedral Brides, Flower Power brides and every type of bride in between.  Something about celebrating finding the love of your life, I think, makes you shine from within.  
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  1. Kelley, Congrats on your daughter's engagement! Wow, no wonder brides are on your mind!
    Beautiful painting! Huge best wishes!!

  2. Kelley, I think this is just stunning! I love that background color and the details such as the flowers in her hair and the gorgeous flowers in the vase...And the folds! Perfection!


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