Thursday, April 23, 2015

Party Jellies, 6x6 Inch Acrylic Painting by Kelley MacDonald


I posted this painting on Facebook as a WIP (Work In Progress) and someone said it looked like a 'selfie' taken at a party.  OK, it's a donut party and the jellies are really having a wild time!  :D

I saw on the Dunkin Donuts Facebook page that some shops still carry the 'strawberry filled' jelly donuts of old.  So I wrote to the company to find out which stores, since those donuts really give off a jewel-like drip of jelly (yes, I know how crazy that sounds but here I am, saying it!).  My answer was that they DO NOT KNOW which stores carry it.  (simple enough - which ones do you SHIP the donuts to - they used to be made in the shops, but that was years ago.  Now they are all centrally baked and shipped).  I do, I know, know WAY too much about these donuts!

Point being, if any of you stumble across a Dunkin Donuts in NEW ENGLAND that has Strawberry Filled Jelly Donuts - PLEASE let me know.  I will be forever in your debt - and you get a donut painting half off!  :D

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  1. LOL, maybe the person you spoke to needed to eat a jelly donut for some energy so they could do a bit of looking on their computer for your answer. You were brave enough to call and ask your question the least they could do was give you a proper answer. Good luck! Those are my faves. I hope you are enjoying some good weather there in RI.

  2. you know where to go to get your Mojo back !
    Beautiful as usual.

  3. Well these make me hungry and I'm not even a fan of jelly donuts!! Great painting and composition, Kelley! Thanks for finding my blog again (I've lost and tried to rebuild my list so many times from memory but blogs have fallen through the cracks in my head)!


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