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Thursday, January 8, 2015

True Neighborhood, 4x4 inch acrylic painting by Kelley MacDonald

Day 7 of the 30 in 30 challenge
While solitude is good, there is something to be said for connectivity.  I like a neighborhood where you can be yourself, hang out in a yard and just think, just be, paint, entertain or read without the 'eyes of the world' upon you.  ("I saw you painting in your yard this morning, how long were you out there?""Who were those women you were sitting on your porch with?""Hey!  Are you sleeping or just thinking?")  Yeah.  
But people can be wonderful, nuturing, joyful, too.  I'm playing with types of painting.  This is all flat shapes with an outline.  I'd LIKE to say this was easy, but it took much much longer to do than a realistic painting. The darn lines would disappear, the colors would fade out, or thin out, the color beneath would bleed through, and with a swipe of the brush, the outline could get covered.  But I liked being free of the colors of reality.  I just made colors I LIKED.  :) Fun.

Also... if you are in the area... we have a couple more spots in the class - I guarantee you you will enjoy this class.  The people are amazing, and we will do some really focused exercises, and subjects that are bound to break you out of your winter blues! Info HERE


  1. This pInting jumps out at you and jumps out in the dailypaintworks site.i love your colors and rendition of neighborhood.

  2. This is my favorite abstract so far. I agree and know abstracts take MUCH longer to paint. Thinking of you Dear Amiga

  3. Fun seeing all your different types of abstracts. Great idea! Best to you Kelley!


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