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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Swish, 7x5 acrylic painting by Kelley MacDonald


Day 6
Here it is, the first week, and I'm a day behind already!  Well, not in the PAINTING, but the posting of the painting!  I am loving, but still exploring, this particular method.  I cover the board with one color.  When it is dry I apply a semi gloss medium and let that dry - that will protect the first layer.  Then I add the second color - in this case, the blue, and when IT is almost dry i add droplets of water, trying for a pattern, a direction.  When the blue is dry I absorb the water droplets, leaving a clear view through the medium, to the bottom color (green).  At this point I look for my 'direction' and use the whole tube of paint to paint the red droplets with.  FUN!


  1. Great fun and amazing results! LOVE this method!! wonderful!

    and thank you so much for you very kind comments my friend and thank you for thinking of me. i'd like to wish you great success and much happiness in the coming year. take care!

  2. Love there freshness, and bright color!!


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