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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Value Call

I've been working on a commission that has me painting a farm, and I'm about halfway done. A great thing to do at this point is to make it a black & white ... To see if the values are correct. This is a beautiful old farm, and I want to do it justice. SO much to do these days, I have to steady my mind before I paint or I go in to full panic mode!


  1. Bonjour chère amie,

    Mon traducteur aujourd'hui me joue des tours ! Cependant en vous lisant j'ai pu comprendre que vous aviez peint cette toile avec cet ensemble de fermes en noir et blanc. Très intéressant.
    Joli travail.
    Gros bisous ♡

  2. Kelley, looks great to me! You haven;t missed a beat, at all!

  3. Love what you are doing here, Kelley! I don't think I've seen a painting like from you before, have I? You are definitely an artist with loads of skill!

  4. Great idea! Nice composition! Do you have the "Value Viewer" app on your phone? It is an amazing tool that you can use to adjust the value levels to exactly what you want before you even tackle a subject! Can't wait to see the end result! Paint on Kelley!

  5. Fabulous, Kelley. Great idea to do a value study first. You don't even need to add much color. Lovely job. Congrats on the commission. xoxo

  6. I love this as is and the finished painting will be incredible!

  7. Is this National Paint the Farm Week? Yours is definitely in the "way-better" category! Your talent raises you like cream to the top!


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