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Monday, May 19, 2014

Angel Heart, 7x5 inch Acrylic Painting by Kelley MacDonald

This was a gift for a dear friend.  Sometimes I just channel people when I'm doing the little angels, and they just seem to evolve without my input.  Which is silly, I know - of COURSE I'm making the calls - but it's so effortless that it seems to just happen.

I'm doing some commissions, and will show you when I'm done, but also... this is so strange ... I volunteered to do a mixed media piece on a big board for a fund raiser - and I'm having to learn a lot to do it.  All fun, and actually it's all I can think of.  The one I'm doing (and will hopefully post on Friday) is golds with red and turquoise accents.  There has to be a word on the board, so I'm still tossing that around.  But I've been studying so much and learning so much about acrylics that I'm obsessed!  I may do a whole line of small ones for my Open Studios this summer.  They are hugely time consuming, and control - well, that's out the window.  Experiment and be open and creative ... a whole new world for me!


  1. Lucky friend! She is beautiful and I love her wings. Can't wait to see what you are working on too; sounds so interesting!!

  2. Kelley, Never underestimate what you are being" given" to paint. Honor the intuition and vision. You write, "But of course, I'm making the calls". Know who that "I" is. You are so excited about what you are doing it is obvious it is what you are meant to do. You too are an angel and I look forward to your posts!

  3. Thanks for the morning angel.Sounds like ALL good, learning, letting go of control...Yikes...Can't wait to see the commissions

  4. Oh Kelley, I love my angel and I feel YOU and your spirit every time I look at this beautiful angel…and I see her often, she is on my DR table. Love you xo

  5. What a fabulous gift! And can't wait to see the large mixed media piece.


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