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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Ready For The Close Up, 7x5 Inch Oil Painting by Kelley MacDonald


This is where the jelly girls are ready for their close up! I love painting the drippy jelly - with all the layers of juiciness.  All the levels of highlights.  Did I tell you that in my last set up, my cat and dog got together and knocked over and ate my donuts?  Not only people like donuts!  Another thing I like about painting donuts, particularly jelly donuts, is that they are all different.  A puff of dough may come out very rounded, or get squashed, and the jelly sometimes spurts, and sometimes drools out.

Annnnd…. I will warn you… you might not like my unfortunate selfie.  It was a fabulous afternoon with friends at the Boston Museum of Fine Art.  We could have thought more about where we were standing….


  1. Rockin the jellies Kelley!
    And of course the selfie is hysterical.....

  2. Love the donuts AND love the selfie. Love your last line too. Didn't notice it until you said that! My attention were on you three! LOL

  3. your donuts are my favorite! they are chock full of jelly and character!!! wonderful! and i love your selfie. looks like you had a great time my friend!

  4. Hi Kelley, Your work is inspiring! Good enough to eat! I laughed at your comment about the dog and cat eating the doughnuts. Reminded me of a visit to the vet with our plump dog. My husband told the vet, "She likes to sneak food off the table." The plump vet sighed and replied, "Don't we all!"

  5. Outstanding!!
    Congrats on the sale, too!


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