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Friday, April 11, 2014

Raphael, 8x6 Inch Oil Painting by Kelley MacDonald

This is archangel #2 for a collector who wants 4 archangels  - one for every corner in a very special spa room.  Now she has Ariel, and this one, Raphael.  Two more to come.

I went to Joreen Benbenek's opening at the Pratt Library in Cohasset tonight - fabulous work.  A lot of her paintings were from our Maine trips, although she had wonderful huge paintings of Marshfield landscapes - and a gorgeous Hummarock Beach painting.  It's really a great show, she's very talented and prolific!

It's going to be a jelly donut weekend for me… heh heh heh… so guess what I'll be posting next week! I have a friend running in the Boston Marathon Monday, so I'll hopefully get to see her at the finish line - no painting Monday! 

Anyway - 'hi' to Kathy, who I met in person tonight…. someone who 'gets' the angels… and the donuts!  Great to meet you in person, thanks for the comments on my blog!


  1. Fabulous aura of light around his head. Love that cadeuceus type of sword too. I get a Renaissance period sense from this one!

  2. Kelley love this inspirational series! Also love that you have a buyer who is buying 4 of these little gems!


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