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Saturday, March 22, 2014

WIP, 6x6 inches, oil (or, Life And Death In DonutLand) by Kelley MacDonald

This painting just may be spoken for (a good blog friend has dibs), but I thought maybe you'd like to see a bit of the process of a donut painting, and to hear a bit of a saga that JUST MIGHT make you cry.  

OK, so this wonderful fellow artist/blog friend requested a 'triple decker' donut painting that was already spoken for.  Now, I believe donuts each have a personality, and individuality, so even though, after painting HUNDREDS of them, I could definitely 'phone it in', and just paint from my imagination, I don't.  I go get new donuts every time.  And no, I don't eat them afterwards.  I usually buy 4 and one doesn't 'make the cut' in the beauty pagent of Jellies. (THAT gets eaten, and I share with Paco)

So for this painting my husband offered to pick them up.  I agreed, since I was a little wobbly from the flu.  He's a darling man, but he came home with SQUARE donuts. ????  How could this be?  Well, some Dunkin Donuts shops are careless and squash those tender fresh lumps of dough, that's how.  So…. no painting them.  I actually threw them OUT.

A day or two later I got out early and picked 4 perfectly plump jellies.  Only…. I wasn't nearly really done with the flu, and the simple SIGHT of them made me run for the bucket, and nausea overtook.  
Fast forward to Feeling Better.  Yes, I've discovered, you must yield to the flu.  So I did.  And I got new donuts (let's just say my purse was empty after this particular trip to the donut shop, and I did not know when it would be replenished.  Let's just leave it at that.)  Well, of course I had my dog Paco 
with me, and as we arrived home the dog next door went wild (a lovely Rottweiler) started flinging himself against the windows of his house, howling and scrabbling to get to us so he could eat Paco.  Which caused Paco to jump INTO the box of donuts, dumping them all over the driveway, with me trying to catch him before he jumped into each and every one.

Yes.  I curled up in a corner of the bathroom and howled my despair at EVER getting these donuts painted.  For about 5 minutes.  Then I went into the driveway and found 3 that had not been squeezed jelly-less.  And I started PAINTING the DARN donuts.  And you know what?  I LOVED how they came out.  All that's left is a sweet dusting of sugar and the tablecloth that they sit on.
INSPIRATIONAL?  I think so.  I will not be daunted!  I'll show you the finished piece in a day or two! 
Be happy!


  1. Not laughing AT you, but with you! LOLOLOL Now that is something that would have happened to me. And generated the same response too. Square donuts too? Oy vey! At any rate, I do so hope you are feeling better? And even without sugar, these donuts look like they would be great with my coffee right now.

  2. Dear Kelley, I love your story and even though I feel the pain, boy it is funny. It's like I could see the whole story on a cartoon style!!! Jerome saw your donuts and he is in awe looking at the triple decker. Incredibly beautiful!

  3. I totally agree with Crimson Leaves, one of those donuts would fit right in the palm of my hand. That was some ordeal. I'd type out that story and attach it to the back of the painting for a touch of provenance. I do hope that ugly flu and flown the coop.

  4. Oh so sorry you went through all THAT!! But what a great story of determination and sugary delight at the end. I think your recent paintings are even better because it looks like you either are painting them more quickly or easily because you KNOW each next step to take. They are SO confident and that really shows. People pick up on that without knowing what it is - the painting just looks expertly painted!! Congrats!

  5. Love your story and how beautifully you captured these pastries with so few strokes. Love your tulip painting too!

  6. Great painting and don't you dare be mad with Paco. Hope the flu is all gone by now.

  7. Wow those triple doughnuts are amazing! You have really authentic colour and value, but the brushwork is so loose! Really impressive. If you don't mind I'd love to link this from my own blog. Keep on doing what you're doing!


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