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Sunday, March 2, 2014

Blue Moon…. 8x8 inch Mixed Media painting by Kelley MacDonald

When my children were young, I sang to them every night.  They each got a story (or 2, or 3) and then a song or two.  My youngest, my daughter, got to a point where she only wanted me to sing "Blue Moon", which would have been fine, except I couldn't really remember the verses.  I knew about 4 lines, which she had me sing with more and more emotion and vigor… until I think my neighbors must have thought I was a little soft.

This month my Girls Just Wanna Paint Challenge was to do a mixed media piece.  Here's the story:  At some point this was a reeeaaallly bad painting I had done.  I painted over most of it, leaving bands of color in strips here and there.  I called paintings like this "Recovery Paintings", and in my mind I was thinking of the people I knew who, through illness or situations, were re-making their lives.  What I saw was that their recoveries made them stronger.  I thought… maybe my 'recoveries' will have a new lease on life!  So I took a 'recovery' painting, and used ink to place the moon.  Then painted over most of the recovery painting.  Then added text and some images of birds (returning to us now that the winter is waning).

So, though layers and layers of paint, ink glue, paper, and even on the 'snow' some iridescent glitter, I hope there is strength to be found here!


  1. Oh I have that song on an endless loop in my head...except I know only a couple of lines myself so a short repeat. Love that perfect circle!!

  2. Nice to see a mixed media, and your topic~what a lovely story. Molly was a lucky little one.

  3. i love the post and i love the recovery of the recovery!! and what a great mom you are!!


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