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Sunday, September 1, 2013

Morning Ritual, 8x8 Inch Acrylic Painting by Kelley MacDonald

This painting was done for my Girls Just Wanna Paint Challenge this month. The topic? "Ritual".  There were so MANY I wanted to paint - girlfriends walking the beach, nail polish and cottonballs, a Rosary, a pug in the lap of someone (ahem) meditating....  But when I found these green cups and saucers at a friend's cottage.... I was hooked.  Then I had to go BUY a newspaper - first time in a long time - and I loved it.  Reading the newspaper was a habit for years and years.  The Boston Globe in the morning, the Patriot Ledger in the afternoon.  I read ENTIRE articles, not just headlines.  I read different points of view.  I read ads.  Classifieds.  OK, Obituaries.  Now... I never know who's alive or dead.  I guess that might sound wrong.... but I"m not going to get online and LOOK UP Obituaries just in case someone I know might have died.  But I digress.
No, in case you are wondering, and I think maybe you are, I never ever sat with a donut on a plate and a coffee cup and read the newspaper.  That would be 'wasting' a plate, don't you think?
Anyway, check out the other very cool responses to the "Ritual" Challenge HERE.  :)
And have a great Labor Day - and a rest from your labors...


  1. Kelley..Love the painting and don't make me laugh so hard about the I sit in P-Town with a few broken ribs!!!!!!!

  2. is that a Socialist newspaper ??
    just kidding.
    Tonight was great as is your painting.

    1. I just love you Mary!!! And for anyone reading this - Mary is referring to an email question I got asking me if this was a 'socialist' newspaper. Not making it up!?!

  3. Love this still life by the window. You have been one busy lady this summer!Recent works look really good!

  4. Great story and a wonderful painting. Love the way you handled the gingerbread trim. The whole painting really appeals to me.

  5. So sad to have missed several posts, Kelley! Apparently your blog wasn't jumping to the top as you posted so I didn't realize I missed anything. Anyway, I love this one; looks so relaxing, cozy, and wintery! And I do love donuts!


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