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Monday, September 30, 2013

"Me With My Dog" 6x6 Oil Painting by Kelley MacDonald

This month the Girls Just Wanna Paint Challenge was the word: "With".  I've had this old photo for a long time.  It actually was in black & white.  It wasn't 'me' but it really could have been.  All my life I've loved animals.  No secret to anyone who knows me that sometimes I prefer their company.  They never let me down.  Their response to my care and love is astounding.  Dogs & cats - and I'd love to try horses - are incapable of duplicity.  Forgiving, honest and dependent on our generosity and thoughtfulness.  I worry about animals who don't get water in clean bowls, who get left outside, or pushed aside... animals who 'belong' (through no fault or choice of their own) to people who care more about the fabric on the couch than on their pets.  Anyway - how'd I do 'colorizing' this?  It was harder than you'd think!
Want to see what the rest of the Girls chose to paint?  Look HERE!
These paintings are all being reserved for our show at the Thayer Academy Gallery in November.  More to come on that.  


  1. So sweet!! Love seeing this continuation of your love for animals. Quite special. xoxo

  2. This is so special. You really captured the love for the dog.

  3. I love when you venture into these types of paintings, Kelley. They always show your heart and are your finest works.

  4. You capture happiness, that feel good time of life. Well done


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