Sunday, July 28, 2013

Jar Of Joy, 5x7 Inch Oil Painting by Kelley MacDonald

$100 & $10 S&H

I really changed gears last week.  It turns out there is so much wattage necessary to get ready and have an Open Studio that afterwards I was the equivalent of a wet noodle - could hardly paint!
But this little charmer made me smile when I painted it.  Something about the blue and yellow - always a favorite of mine... 
And then my class gave me a charge, on Saturday.  We chose squares of colors which were face down on a plate - cut from magazines.  When we got 5 or 6 we taped them to the side of a piece of paper, then set about to exactly come up with that color.  You might think this is easy - you would be wrong!  But it was fun and challenging, and then we were ready to get to our little still lives... and I took the bit again to dive into painting.  Good thing... I have the OTHER Open Studio coming up in a few weeks!!!

I promise I will start a newsletter soon, so every post is not filled with updates, but I was so thrilled to hear that 3 of my paintings were accepted into the Small Matters Of Great Importance Show at the Edward Hopper House in New York in August.  Here they are, below:
I'm crossing my fingers that my framer got the frame right - I wanted a floater frame with a gold liner.... 
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  1. Congratulations, Kell!!!! So proud of my twin. :-)
    Love your painting! Happy, happy, happy!!!

  2. Yes, it is a jar of joy and a joy of a painting. Love the yellow.

  3. Congratulations. Beautiful paintings for an important exhibit. Love this burst of color too.

  4. Yeah! Kelley, you done good girl. Such a cute little painting. Hope you are feeling more rested now.

  5. Looking forward to your new newsletter :) This little painting is cheery .


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