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Thursday, July 18, 2013

I've been awol lately.  No excuse except I haven't been painting many little Daily Paintings!  I've been working on bigger pieces and trying to get organized (a Herculean effort for me) for my first Open Studio weekend of the Summer - this weekend!

As a member of the South Coast Artists Open Studio Tour, I'm excited to show you my work!  I'm emptying out my living room and porch to hang paintings, so if it's too hot we don't have to deal with it - I'll have the a/c on! ( I figure this is a great excuse to do work in my living room after the Tour.... heh heh heh!)

You can download a brochure, or pick one up at my house first!  I'm easy to get to:  from ANYWHERE! 
  •  Take Route 24 in RHODE ISLAND.  
  • Exit 5 (again, in RI) which is Tiverton and Little Compton.  
  • Head South off the exit for about a mile - I'm 1888 Main Road - right past Coastal Roasters (best coffee anywhere).  

You can download the brochure HERE, and you will see I am #9  on the map - but I am the FIRST artist on the Main Road.  A great place to start, and I can give you easy directions to any of the other great artists on the Tour.


  1. I think your house will be the party house and the best place to start out this walk. Hoping you makes some nice sales too!

  2. Love the postcard. I've missed you.

  3. I love your design sense. When you out together a post card or announcement, your work shines. Must've the designer in you. Have a great open studios in the cool AC.

  4. It is going to be great Kelley but please save some of your work for August 17 when I can come to your Open Studio...God Skill Amiga

  5. Kelley, Best wishes for a wonderful Open Studio!! Your house will be the shining star of this event!


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