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Friday, May 31, 2013

Mine, 6x6 Inch Oil Painting by Kelley MacDonald


There are few things as fun to paint as whiskey and ice.  There.  I've said it!  Glass, ok, that too.  Now... I want to reassure everyone that I have NOT quit my blog.  I simply have had an avalanche of things to do for my painting career.  I'm teaching 2 classes... getting things in my gallery, the Art Stable Gallery in Westport, MA, entering and picking up paintings from shows and Festivals... yeow... not to mention family things and pet things and house things and.... and...  well... recently I DID take another day off (I think one a month is allowed, no?) and had my friend Mary Sheehan Winn (check out her blog!) over to my new studio in Warren!  Below you can see how enchanted she was with this big cow on our walk from the parking space to the delectable lunch at the Providence Art Club. (the meter maid saw us park her car, and we timed it perfectly for the 1-hour zone - 57 minutes!)
I've missed this girl!  She's back from a warmer clime, and came all the way to Warren to visit me.  We later had pizza on my porch, with a poor excuse for a sunset, but she was a good sport anyway.  
I'm going to be doing a "Painting Safari", where we have a plein air class once a week in the East Bay RI once a week, with a demo, and a critique (if wanted)... details coming soon.  I will also travel for a one-day plein air lesson - within an hour's drive of Providence, just email me.  It's almost summer, we might as well!!!!


  1. How nice to put a face to the name! Hi Mary. I have noticed you have been AWOL from the blog but also knew you were super busy. I think you'd mentioned it a post or two ago. Hope you are relaxing with that "cuppa." LOL

  2. Yikes! One busy lady. Wish I had your energy. So good of you to be sharing your talent by teaching others. One of my next moves if I can ever get organized.
    "mine" is one sweet painting and well deserved. Best to you and ALL of your endeavors!

  3. Love this one...the amber colors and icy look is just delicious!!! Glad you are back!!!

  4. I really like this one, Kelley! The bright colors against the dark background make it very interesting. And I love the reflection!

  5. Wow, you are SO inspiring!!! Fab painting. And so much good stuff going on. Good for you!! Enjoy. xoxo

  6. Paint it and down it! And nice to see Mary in a full length pic! Why, she is tiny like me!


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