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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Cocktails For Two!, 8x10 inch oil painting by Kelley MacDonald

8x10 inches
$200 & $10 S&H

In my painting classes last week we had a 'cocktail party', and I was totally inspired by the colors and set ups that my students selected.  So I thought - I MUST have something to celebrate, and it will come to me as I paint.  So... *tick*tick*tick* (time going by)... I found out my painting Maine Chicks won an Honorable Mention at the upcoming North River Arts Festival.  I'm honored just to get IN that show!  So... Cheers! (And yes, I ate 2 cherries just setting this up...)
(and even though I always HATE to put a $200 price on a Daily Painting, this is 8x10, and that is a fraction of what it will go for at the gallery - if it doesn't sell this week, it goes on the Art Stable Gallery walls!)

Here's the little Maine Chicks...


  1. Fabulous looking drinks. Would love one now. Congratulations on the honorable mention. The painting is a WOW!

  2. Still love Maine Chicks and congratulations on the award!! Love the pink/blue combo in the cocktail painting.

  3. Very beautiful painting of cocktail. It make you think for while if there is really drink in it.

  4. Exciting composition; great job on a tough angle - love the top down view. And, congrats on your well-deserved award. It's going to be a beautiful show.

  5. CONGRATULATIONS!! Well deserved..This really is a great painting. Can't wait to see it

  6. Wow - I LOVE this one! Beautiful colours! :0)


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