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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Shall We Dance?, 6x6 Inch Original Oil Painting by Kelley MacDonald

Sticking with the 'birds' theme, I guess.. the Birds show at Lovell Studio at 4 Corners in Tiverton is over this Saturday - and it was a huge success!  About 50% of the paintings sold!

These gulls we at the beach across the street.  I'm always amazed at what seems to be the different KIND of gulls there.  I always thought the brown gulls were babies.  Now there seem to be giant brown gull, dwarfing these dark and white gulls - no way they are offspring!  I enjoyed the brushwork doing this one.  And in my research I'm finding there are more than one kind of Rhode Island Red Chicken - there is the 'old' style and the 'new'(lighter) style.  Also there are Rhode Island Whites.  I find chickens and gulls fascinating... sparrows, too.. guess I'm a Bird Girl at heart...

And for my friend Mary, who missed this sunset tonight, believing the weatherman....
You could've painted THIS!


  1. Oh gosh - the gulls and the sunset- so beautiful!

  2. The water looks so gorgeously moonlit, a perfect place for this couple. A wonderful piece, Kelley!

  3. The birds do look like they are dancing. Love them. The sunset is crazy beautiful.

  4. phooey, I am coming Wednesday no matter what!


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